The FA have confirmed that Step 6 Play Off matches should be concluded by 30 April 2022.

As such League fixtures for First Division North and First Division South will be concluded over the Easter weekend (as currently scheduled).

The clubs that finish second to fifth will contest play-off matches. The club that finishes second will play at home to the club that finishes fifth and the club that finishes third will play at home to the club that finishes fourth. The winners of the two fixtures in each division will play another match on the ground of the team that finished highest during the season. The winners will be promoted to Step 5.

The matches will be played to a conclusion as one-off games and should the scores finish level at the end of normal time then 15 minutes each way extra time will be played. Should the scores still be level at the end of extra time then the winners will be decided by the taking of kicks from the penalty mark.

The intention is to schedule these matches to Saturday 23rd April and Saturday 30th April. Should a Club that has qualified to play at home not be able to host the game at their normal home ground on the scheduled date and kick-off time then the game will be played on the ground of their opponents. Should neither Club be able to host the fixture, a venue will be selected at the discretion of the League.