The Football Association have issued some guidelines regarding promotion and relegation in the National League System at the end of the current season.

The position is somewhat complicated as the National League North & South Divisions will be increased in size next season from 22 to 24 clubs. In addition there have been some withdrawals from leagues above ours.

Below is a simplification of the matter as much as possible below and relates only to clubs playing in our Step 5 (Premier) Division.

There are 16 Step 5 Divisions in the country. The 16 champions will be automatically promoted. The ten best second placed clubs based on a points per game average will also be automatically promoted.

The six second placed clubs that are not automatically promoted will each contest a play-off match against one of six teams from Step 4. There are 8 Step 4 Divisions. The 8 bottom clubs and the 8 second bottom clubs at Step 4 will be automatically relegated. The 2 third bottom clubs with the the highest points per game average will be reprieved but the remaining six third bottom clubs will contest the play-off matches mentioned above. The play-off matches will all take place on the grounds of the Step 4 clubs and the matches will be arranged on the best geographical fit decided by the Football Association.

The winners of each play-off match will play at Step 4 in 2022-23 and the losers will play at Step 5.

The bottom clubs in each of the 16 Step 5 Divisions will be automatically relegated to Step 6. The four second bottom clubs with the worst points per game average across the 16 divisions will also be relegated.

Any further withdrawals from within the National League System will impact upon the situation outlined above.