Earlier this evening (Monday), the Step 5 and 6 Leagues in the Non-League System met to hear the latest update from the FA with regards to the recommencement of football.

The Leagues have been made aware that the FA’s proposal for the return of spectators to games at Steps 3 to 7 with effect from 1st September was put to “No. 10” on 6th August. A response is anticipated imminently, but there are no guarantees. (There is also no guarantee that the response will be a positive one!) It was suggested that clubs should lobby their local MP to try and encourage some progress.

The Thurlow Nunn League is still planning to start on 5th September, but if no positive response is received from “No. 10” by this coming Friday (21st August), the League start will be deferred to 12th September. We would hope to give clubs a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice, so if nothing is heard by 28th August, the start will be deferred to 19th September and so on.

Irrespective of the decision regarding the admission of spectators, the FA Cup ties will take place as scheduled – behind closed doors, if necessary.

Further information will be relayed as and when it becomes available.