Chairman (Temporary Position)

Aaron Jasper                   

07883 494207        


Ray Ewart                       

07990 526744 (mobile)      

Fixtures Secretary

Gerry Palmer                  

07721 978901 (mobile)      

Person Responsible for Welfare

Gerry Palmer                  

07721 978901 (mobile)      

Programme Editor

Andy Black                      

07944 587393 (mobile)


Johnny Alflatt                 

07391 147567        


Shoemakers Lane, Swaffham, Norfolk PE37 7NT 

01760 722700 (ground)

Midweek Matches




Black & White Striped Shirts       Black Shorts       Black Socks

Goalkeeper’s Colours

Blue Shirt           Blue Shorts        Blue Socks

Change Colours

Red Shirts           Red Shorts         Red Socks

Goalkeeper’s Colours

Pink Shirt           Pink Shorts         Pink Socks




The club itself was founded in 1892 and had a rather successful start getting to the final of the Norfolk junior cup two years later, the club itself continued through the years until its next highpoint in 1951-1952 where the junior cup home was bought home after winning it for two consecutive years, capping off the historical era of the club on a high.

The modern era of the club as we know it today started back in 1959 where club legends such as Bob Tuttle, Albert Hudson and Gurney Titmarsh amongst others, purchased the land on behalf of the club for as little as £250.00. Swaffham Town Football Club has been built and is continued to be looked after by good working class families who live in the town and surrounding villages and it’s safe to say we are proud of the legacy left behind of those still with us and those who unfortunately are not.

The original club house itself was located further up the pitch and was a relatively small building containing changing rooms and a tiny area to have a tea after the match. I’m told one of the standout memories of the old club house was the communal team bath that took the whole game to fill up. As time passed the club grew and it was decided to relocate the clubhouse to its position today, at the bottom of the infamous slope. This took place after the late 60’s and into the 70’s and the works were again completed by good local families such as the Leadbetters, Tutle’s, Palmer’s, Hudson’s, Ward’s and the Titmarsh’s and it’s safe to safe that they did a fantastic job.

The club progressed throughout the coming years and became the stable senior outfit it is today, drifting between the two divisions in the then Jewson league and the Thurlow Nunn league as it is known to date under managers such as Lucian hodkinson and Paul Hunt. Throughout those years’ memorable characters such as, Jock, Stuart Seales, David Leadbetter, Mark Blockwell and David Spalding have put on the famous black and white stripes.

The highest level the club has ever reached is step 5 in the English footballing pyramid.